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Here For You

Flexible Sessions

You are unique! My therapy approach allows for you to flourish, your way. Often, simply the opportunity to 'unload' in a safe, non-judgemental environment with someone who values what you believe is a great release. All my sessions begin as one-offs so there is no pressure and you are in control. It is absolutely fine to book one session, let it all out and leave if that suits you. It can be a very therapeutic process unburdening a huge weight and extremely comforting to know that you have been heard, respected and that it is normal to want to talk.


Multiple or rolling sessions are available. You can block book up to 6 sessions at a time or use a rolling session approach. This is flexible to meet your needs and therapy sessions can continue for as long as is needed on the basis that we both agree it is healthy for you. It is fine to arrive without goals and see how it goes or to have specific issues to work through but ongoing reviews are ethical to ensure that you are getting the very best therapy for you. Therapy can end whenever you feel it is right for you. I only ask for 24 hours notice if cancelling an appointment and no explanation is required if you find this difficult. I am here to support you, not to add to any difficulties.


Can't Talk!

It is also absolutely fine if you want to talk but don't know if you can. It is common for people to experience blocks or be uncertain about, well, anything. Take your time and see what comes out. You will be safe and it is a relaxed but confidential process.


Write It Down

This may help and you can bring your writing as notes for you, as an open letter to me or put it in an envelope. If it is addressed to me, I will read it. If it is addressed to you, I will leave it in your file for if/when you decide to raise it. You can have it back at any time or I can destroy it for you. You are in control.

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