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Christmas Joy or Christmas Misery?

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The Christmas season can bring a wide range of difficulties and affect anyone.  Whatever you are struggling with this Christmas, as a Counsellor, I can offer confidential professional support.

What does Christmas mean to you and what do you struggle with as the season closes with the January blues setting in?

In the lead up to Christmas we are surrounded by lights and adverts telling us we should be happy and spending lots of money (often which we may not have). We are expected to be sociable, organised and surrounded by loving family. But what if we are alone, single or divorced, bereaved, ill, unemployed, homeless or simply far from home?

The pressure can be overwhelming and difficult to escape. And when the season ends we can often be left with a variety of negative feelings such as low mood, financial worries, unmet expectations and little to look forward to in the coming months ahead.

People all over the world feel the negative side of Christmas cheer - there just aren't as many adverts showing how common this is.

Don't suffer alone and in silence.

  • Talk to a trusted friend or family member.

  • Contact your GP.

  • Google local support services in your area.

  • Make an appointment with a Counsellor.

You are not alone and you do matter.

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