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About Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy has been an accepted form of treatment for a variety of issues since the 1950's and officially in use since the 1800s usually being credited to Franz Mesmer, an Austrian Physician.  However, it has been used in one form or another for centuries and some of the earliest recorded descriptions date back to  ancient Egypt in 1500 B.C.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis helps clients reach their subconscious mind and implement potential positive change.  Hypnotism is a natural state of mind and not a form of sleep.  Clients remain in complete control and often wide awake but enter a deeper relaxed brain wave state usually at the Theta level which allows the conscious mind to relinquish critical control so that the subconscious can receive and accept new information and suggestions.  At no point does the client loose control of the process and can stop at any time.

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What does Mind Tree Therapy offer in terms of Hypnotherapeutic treatments?

At Mind Tree Therapy I invite you, the client, to discuss what you are struggling with and we consider what treatment may work best for you.  If you proceed with Hypnotherapy I often encourage that we include a blend of Counselling to help understand and explore the issue(s) in more detail which also helps embed the hypnotherapy to create a more lasting positive change.

What happens during Hypnotherapy?

Once the purpose of the hypnosis has been agreed, the client is invited to sit comfortably while listening to the therapist guide the client verbally into a deeply relaxed state where a story will weave suggestions and positive changes into the client's subconscious.  Clients in this relaxed state of hypnosis remain completely in control.  They should be able to hear, comprehend, and later remember what the hypnotherapist suggests.  There is no physical contact and clients usually report feeling refreshed afterwards.

How does Hypnotherapy feel like?

Clients who have undergone hypnosis report different feelings.  Some describe their experience like falling asleep with the television on, while others report feeling heavy.  Many clients use words like “light” or “floating" to describe what they have felt.  Since we all internalise experiences differently, it makes sense that the feeling of hypnosis is different for each person.

Most asked question I receive about hypnosis:

"Will you make me believe I am a chicken?"


"No, sorry."

Mind Tree Therapy practices professional, accredited clinical hypnosis 

which is very different from stage hypnosis.

No chickens involved; real or imaginary.


Your World – Your Way – You Are Important.

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